RUNE KEEPERS is an open ended sci-fi/fantasy universe created by David A Adams and developed by David A Adams, bestselling author Richard A Knaak and artist Steve Clarke. RUNE KEEPERS is currently being produced as a graphic novel/comic book series titled RUNE KEEPERS:REMNANTS.

RUNE KEEPERS is owned by 3D Warp Entertainment Inc., a privately held corporation which is located near Dallas, Texas.


How will RUNE KEEPERS be different from other Graphic Novels?

RUNE KEEPERS will be different from other graphic novels in many ways. On the surface, the first thing you will notice when you open a RUNE KEEPERS series is the unique art style. For a preview, just head on over to the MEDIA page and check out the RUNE KEEPERS wallpapers. As you will see, a large portion of the art is created in CG using 3d modeling software. Though more time consuming than traditional art, this method produces detailed lighting and shadows as well as adding a real sense of three dimensional depth to every scene. Here is how it works: after the backgrounds or "sets" are created, characters, objects, lighting and camera angle are positioned. Once all of the 3D elements for each panel are in place, a render is captured. Finally, an artist adds illustration layers on top of the image to create fine details, effects and highlights. This gives RUNE KEEPERS a unique visual quality and style which is a hybrid of CG and digital painting.

This process offers several advantages. First, the cg animated videos along with the digital and printed comics have a uniform look and style. When fans watch a RUNE KEEPERS cg animated trailer, they will know immediately what to expect from the graphic novel. This of course is possible because all of the art assets used in the videos are the same as those used in the books. Secondly, this will allow us to create more advanced digital comics and CG animated web shorts to supplement the graphic novel series - again keeping the same quality and style that fans will come to expect.

But the real difference between RUNE KEEPERS and other graphic novels/comics goes much deeper than looks. Most other comics and graphic novels focus on a single character or small group of characters for the life of the product. RUNE KEEPERS is a rich open ended universe with many characters and factions all intertwined in a long term galactic conflict spanning millennia. This in addition to the many sub plots, side stories and spin offs will allow fans to enjoy RUNE KEEPERS in all its forms for many years to come. The stories and other info on the DATABASE page will give you a taste of the adventure that awaits in the RUNE KEEPERS universe! We will be continually adding content to that section of the site so check back often.



You can download RUNE KEEPERS: REMNANTS # 1 FREE from our STORE as a digital download.


Will there be a print edition of RUNE KEEPERS: REMNANTS #1?

At this time individual issues from the REMNANTS series will only be sold digitally.


Who is the publisher?

3D Warp Entertainment is the owner and publisher of RUNE KEEPERS.


The RUNE KEEPERS videos look like movie/video game trailers. Is there going to be a movie or a video game?

Initially, the RUNE KEEPERS teaser videos were produced in conjunction with a feature film script that we developed in order to solicit feedback from studios and film producers in Hollywood. After receiving a lot of positive feedback and suggestions, we decided to expand the script and use the CG art assets that we created in development to produce the RUNE KEEPERS: REMNANTS graphic novel series.

Once the REMNANTS series is completed, we hope to bring the product into other markets such as film, video games and television. In addition, because REMANANTS has been created using CG art assets, we have the option to animate the entire series into a film or television episodes while maintaining the same look and style fans will come to enjoy and expect. If/when that happens - RUNE KEEPERS Facebook fans will be the first to know... So head over to our FACEBOOK PAGE and hit the LIKE button to keep up with the latest news and information!


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