Long before intelligent civilizations developed within the galaxy and long before they began to tinker with even the most base technologies, there existed the Ortheeni. Once as mighty as they are now mysterious, the Ortheeni wielded vast power still evident in the remnants of their technology scattered across an untold number of worlds. Nothing is known of their origins nor the reasons for which they eventually vanished --- and, indeed, there is no evidence even what form they took. What is believed is that the Ortheeni, once masters of all, abruptly abandoned the galaxy en masse as though called to some purpose elsewhere.



The planet D’Arayn was the home of a humanoid race collectively called the Thrutan but which, during generations, had split into two distinct factions. The Thruld worshipped technology, seeing in it the key to their future and willing to sacrifice anything to further advances in it. The Thr’iln followed a path of mental development, striving to bring the brain’s abilities to their ultimate potential and shunning technology save for necessities.

Inevitably, war broke out, war that lingered for many, bloody years. The technological weaponry of the Thruld was powerful, but the Thr’iln wielded mental powers that countered it at every turn. Yet, neither could achieve more than a stalemate.



An old people in comparison to the Thruld, the Mul’Theet were once split into hundreds of small city-states, each perpetually at war with another. For generations, their planet Mul'Quas slipped into and out of one dark age after another, with hopes of a lasting peace continually shattered. Though technically comprised of two separate but related races, the Mul'Theet do not differentiate themselves in such a way as on many other worlds where multiple species or races have developed. Their wars have been caused by complicated alliances and breaches of honor over many thousands of years and though the exact origins and cause of these conflicts have been long forgotten, war persisted.